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Support all iPod, iPhone & iPad.
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Editor's Review

Apple makes extracting your music from your iPod unnecessarily difficult, which is where PC iPod comes in. This fast tool efficiently transfers your music collection to your hard drive, making it easy to back up or restore your music and videos.

  Whether you're a business person who needs a one-click solution to transfer movies from your iPhone to your PC, a home computer user who worries that your music files would be lost if your hard drive crashed, a student who wants to share your iPod video with friends and family, or a music lover who is concerned that your iPod will soon run out of storage space, PC iPod has the tools that you need.
Key Features of PC iPod
As we all know, we can transfer music & videos from your computer to your iPod using iTunes, however, how to move the media files back to your computer? Don't look any further, PC iPod helps you achieve that effortlessly.
Transfer iPod to your computer Transfer iPod to Computer
Copy music, videos and ebooks from the iPod back to your computer so that you can back up the iPod media files for safety. No more worries about losing the thousands of songs you own. Simply save them to your hard drive with PC iPod.
Transfer iPhone to Computer
Transfer iPad to Computer
iPhone Browser iFile Explorer
The built-in iFile Explorer gives you access to the RAW file system of your IOS Device. Browse all your IOS Device files (for iPod Touch, iPad and iPhone).
Video & Audio Conversion For iPod, iPhone and iPad

- Quickly and easily convert your videos into MP4 format.

- Convert audios to MP3 or iPhone Ringtone format.

- Extract audio tracks from videos and save them as MP3 or iPhone Ringtone for your iPod/iPhone/iPad.

- PC iPod can also be used to convert any portion of a video or an audio.

With PC iPod, you can put your favourite videos and songs on your iPod and watch them wherever and whenever you want.

Back up the whole media One-click Backup
Easily copy your entire iPod/iPhone/iPad media (music, videos, movies, ebooks) to your computer with just one click!


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